Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Planted is a novel-in-progress:

A nihilist believes that nothing matters. Lily Shields believes that everything matters. She's spent eighteen years diligently planning her future. It is a future that is mapped and certain. Then she meets Luke Crawford, and experiences a draw of emotion that tips her world. It is a force she doesn't understand, and can't resist. She doesn't want to. 

Luke and his family are from another planet. They are our mothers and fathers. They planted the earth tens of thousands of years ago. Our lives sustain theirs. They are virtually immortal humans, feeding off our essence. They operate in silence and secrecy, and harvest us from the shadows.

When Lily and Luke's worlds collide they are drawn together by a mystical force called the Alerie. It is a chemical bond that affects both, drawing them closer while their families strive to drive them apart.

But now that they've found each other, they can't let go... unless they are forced to and ripped apart. 

As a first time writer, I'm sometimes nervous about showing others my work. It feels a little like walking out in public without a shirt on... very exposed! Every little bit of feedback helps my confidence level, and every word of encouragement makes me feel stronger.

I am currently recruiting volunteer beta readers! If you're interested in reading and letting me know what you think of the story, please let me know!

Steph LJ